State of Oregon Capitol
What is Government Affairs?


Equal parts teacher and advocate, a government affairs consultant acts as a guide for entities interested in working with public entities to solve problems. We work with decision-makers at nearly every level of government; if you need to approach a city, a county, a state, the federal government, or some other public entity, a government affairs specialist should have the relationships and expertise necessary to help you begin the conversation.

What kind of GA Consultants
work for Eames Consulting?


The team at Eames Consulting works on contract with entities needing assistance in Oregon. We specialize in projects involving state agencies, the Governor’s Office, and the members of the legislature. We also work with leaders at the local level in several jurisdictions around Oregon.

How do you determine if an issue is a good fit for the Eames Consulting team?


When evaluating a potential partnership with a new client, we schedule an in-depth conversation to determine the precise problem. We then research the situation and discuss it with key leaders and other stakeholders to develop an informed opinion about the potential client’s chances of success. We then brainstorm potential paths forward to determine if we are a good fit. If the project makes sense, doesn’t conflict with existing work, and we are fortunate enough to be selected, we proceed. If we aren’t the right fit or if we aren’t able to help because of other work, we make recommendations as to other advocates we respect and facilitate introductions if requested.